A moodboard is literally an atmosphere board: a composition made of images, text, objects and samplings. Each moodboard is based on a specific theme with the intent of evoking or designing a particular style or concept, or showing an idea.

In this blog, me and my Creative Assistant (a rabbit made of calico…) we collect notes dedicated to design: from fashion design to the evolution of pattern for textile printing, from sustainable fabrics to creative recycling and attention to more critical and conscious consumption.

Fashion supply chain sustainability: Clean Clothes Campaign

Originally founded in 1989 in the Nederlands and today spread in 14 European countries (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Norvey, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK) the Clean Clothes Campaign represents the biggest textile trade union and NGOs alliance which works with about 250 world organizations. Its main activity areas are related to …